Snowploughs are devices used by the engines to clear snow from the tracks as they pull their trains during winter. They are usually fastened onto the engine's front buffers, and push snow aside when the engines charge through the snow blocking the line. Most snowploughs are painted in the colour corresponding to their engine's livery.

Some engines are known to hate their snowploughs and find them uncomfortable, such as the case with Thomas.


  • To date, Victor is the only narrow gauge engine to wear a snowplough.
  • Most of the snowploughs in the merchandise ranges are not removable.
  • Duck's snowplough used to share the same design as Donald's snowplough. In the eighteenth season, he wore a snowplough the same design as Thomas'.
  • In the later years of the model series, all the engines except Thomas had silver snowploughs, with the sides of the snowploughs painted in the same livery as the engine who wore them.
  • Starting with the seventeenth season, all of the engines' snowploughs are based on the design of Thomas' snowplough, excluding Henry, Gordon, James and Emily. In the merchandise ranges, all the snowploughs are based on the design of Thomas' snowplough.
  • In the sixth season episode, It's Only Snow, Thomas wore a different snowplough than his usual blue one.
  • Toby was only seen wearing a snowplough in the Railway Series.



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