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Suddery is a small town (claiming to be a city, having once been the seat of the Bishop of Sodor), the ancient capital and seat of the Sodor Regiment. Its motto is "Luoc Sodoris Lux", or, translated from Latin, "Luoc, the Light of Sodor". 

In the 5th century Luoc, who was an Irish missionary from the "St. Patrick's school" stranded in Suddery Bay. He and his companions preached to the local natives and built a "keeill", which later became Suddery Cathedral.  

In the twelfth century, there were three bishops in Sodor. But after a resolution, due to a dispute between the Bishop of Trondheim, Argyll, and the Archbishop of York about who would choose him, the Diocese of Sodor was merged with the Diocese of Mann.

Suddery was once a fortified town, with a castle being a late addition. The site was refortified in Napoleonic times, but its appearance has not been spoilt by the new additions, namely several batteries built then.

Suddery was connected by the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway via rail with Brendam and Crosby in 1870.

The Suddery station has two platforms before the level crossing ended with the sidings and the goods shelters.

The North Western Railway's main line bypasses the town of Suddery as it climbs Gordon's Hill to the north, but there is a station serving the town on Edward's Branch Line.

In the television series, the town is served by two stations: Suddery and Lower Suddery. Suddery only appeared in the second season episodes Bertie's Chase and The Runaway. Lower Suddery first appeared in the first season and last appeared in the sixth. In the third season, a goods yard was added just south of the station. It was mentioned by Edward in the twentieth season.