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Behind the Scenes

Gauge 1 Models

The Horrid Lorries' models were constructed from brass and built by model-maker, Chris Lloyd.[1] They had a remote-controlled powered-motor mounted inside the chassis as well as an eye mechanism. They were front-wheel drive (FWD).

The eye mechanism had two servos, one for up and down movement and one for left and right movement. The up/down servo was attached to the body. The left/right servo had a rod attached to the arm, which connected to a bracket. The eye balls were coupled to the bracket, and locked in by the face-plate, so whenever the servos were powered, the eye balls would move however the crew member desired.

The faces were first sculpted in clay, and from that resin casts were made of a silicone mold. Four different facial expressions made for each lorry. Each lorry appears to depicted with individually shaped noses and eyebrows, however there have been several instances in which the lorries share the same style face-masks.

The lorries each had grey tarpaulins over their flatbeds which was removable. The flatbeds were also used to carry various types of cargo. In addition, the lorries could often be seen with miniature scaled figures inside their cabs, these figures represented drivers. The lorries each had individual registration plates to make them distinguishable from one another.

A smashed model of Lorry 2 was required for scenes in Horrid Lorry. The lorry's cab was significantly dented. The windows, front wheels, headlights, cylinders and cab-interior were subsequently removed. A tarp covered the lorry's flatbed. In addition, he was given a black eye and the eye mechanisms were pushed back. The "smashed" model was later recycled as scrap model-dressing at Maithwaite Quarry Mine and the Sodor Ironworks. The scrapped model appeared throughout the sixth and seventh seasons.

After his accident, Lorry 3's model was covered in flour and his rear wheels were removed to simulate him being "broken". Whereas, Lorry 1's model was covered in "seaweed" and lichen to indicate him being "sunk".

After the events of their episode, the lorries had their faces and eye mechanisms removed and replaced with a radiator. They were reused as background props from the fifth season till The Great Discovery. In 2004, Lorry 2's model briefly retained a face for promotional material. The faceless Horrid Lorry models are currently on display at Drayton Manor.

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