The Old Coach is a Norwegian VHS/DVD featuring three third season episodes and two fourth season episodes narrated by Trine Lossius Borg and seven fifth season episodes narrated by Gro Solemdal.


  1. Toby's Discovery
  2. Something in the Air
  3. Thomas, Percy and the Old Coach
  4. Thomas and the Rumours
  5. Oliver's Discovery
  6. Happy Ever After
  7. The Holiday Trip
  8. Troublesome Mud
  9. Toby Gets Into Trouble
  10. Paint Spills and the Queen
  11. Four Little Engines
  12. The Bowler Hat


  • The back cover says that Four Little Engines is called "Trouble Ahead" and that Bowled Out is called "Diesel the Bully".
  • The information about The Bowler Hat says that Daisy isn't feeling well and Diesel takes over, yet that didn't happened at all.