"The poor engine, can I help pull his next train to the seaside please?"
"Festival time is the best time of the year! Lots of extra trains and visitors. I'll expect you'll be able to stand on the long carriage siding.
— Toby and 1020, Toby's Seaside Holiday, Toby, Trucks and Trouble

1020 was an unnamed tender engine belonging to the London and North Eastern Railway.


1020 was built at Stratford Works by T.W. Worsdell. When Toby was visiting a seaside branch line, he saw 1020 struggling with a load of trucks and offered to help him. The grateful engine told Toby about the festival.


Despite being dirty and badly maintained and suffering from steam leaks which made it hard for him to pull trains, 1020 seems to have a bit of an optimistic side to himself.


1020 is based on a GER J15 0-6-0 goods tender engine. His number was fictional as no J15s carried the number "1020".


1020 is painted in LNER mixed-traffic unlined black, but his paintwork was covered in dirt. He has "LNER" written on his tender side in yellow.



  • The text in 'Toby's Seaside Holiday' states that 1020 is younger than Toby. But the J15s were built from 1883-1913, and Toby was built in 1914. This means that he is older than Toby.


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