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"I'm sorry, sir. Maybe I was clumsy, but I wadnae be beaten by yon tricksy van."
— Douglas to Sir Topham Hatt, The Twin Engines

The Spiteful Brake Van was a troublesome brake van, who was subsequently crushed into pieces by Douglas.


The Spiteful Brake Van took an instant dislike to Douglas and purposely delayed his trains. This was until, Donald bumped him violently to teach him a lesson.

After Donald ran into the Tidmouth signalbox, James was saddled with the brake van, who continued his old tricks. Douglas, as a result, had to help James up Gordon's Hill. James was short of steam, and the brake van was soon squeezed between both the Troublesome Trucks and Douglas. By Douglas' force, he subsequently crushed the brake van into pieces. He was never rebuilt after that and was scrapped.

Ever since then, the Troublesome Trucks have not forgotten the brake van incident, and they do not dare play tricks on neither Donald or Douglas. It had been an accident really, but no one told the trucks that, and the trucks thought that Douglas smashed him on purpose. Because of this, Donald and Douglas have transformed goods traffic on the main line quite easily.


Like the Troublesome Trucks, and as his name implies, the Spiteful Brake Van was rude and disrespectful to the engines, especially Donald and Douglas, and incredibly impolite.


The Spiteful Brake Van was based on a standard NE brake van in the Railway Series, while in the television series, he was based on a BR 20 ton brake van. His ERTL model depicts him as an SR 25-ton "Pillbox" brake van.


In the Railway Series, the Spiteful Brake Van is painted grey with "NW" on his sides in white with 13 and 20T below that on his sides also in white. In the television series, he is painted grey, however, he changed to brown when Douglas crushed him.


Railway Series

Television series

One of his faces appeared on a Troublesome Truck in Percy's Predicament.

Magazine stories


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"Ye're a muckle nuisance," said Donald one day. "It's tae leave ye behind I'd be wantin'."
"You can't," said the van, "I'm essential."
"Och are ye?" Donald burst out. "Ye're naethin' but a screechin' an' a noise when a's said an' done. Spite Douggie wad ye? Tak that."
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" cried the van.
"Haud yer wheesht," said Donald severely. "There's mair comin' syne ye misbehave."

- A conversation between Donald and the Spiteful Brake Van, Break Van


  • ERTL (discontinued; known as "Brake Van")
  • Wooden Railway (discontinued; in RWS livery, known as "NW Brakevan")

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