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Reverend Charles Laxey

Reverend Charles Laxey, sometimes simply known as The Vicar, is the Vicar of Wellsworth. He is also the owner of Trevor the traction engine and lives in the Vicarage Orchard at Wellsworth.

Bio in the Railway Series

Edward first approached the Vicar to save Trevor from scrap. The Reverend agreed and purchased Trevor, letting the traction engine live in the Vicarage Orchard.

By the time of Thomas and the Twins, the old Reverend had retired and one of his sons, also named Charles, had taken over the Vicarage. The Reverend could not afford to repair Trevor's boiler, but after he warned Edward when his trucks derailed, the Fat Controller, in gratitude, paid for Trevor to be repaired at Crovan's Gate.

Bio in the Television Series

In the third season, the Vicar held a party at the Vicarage when his parish could not pay for a seaside trip for the children. The Vicar asked Edward to carry some posters for the party on his boiler, cab and coaches. He later came to tell Edward about the party's success.

On Laxey's Vicarage, Laxey has a lot of beehives that in the third season episode, Buzz Buzz, the Vicar sent one of his beehives to be carried on the express, but unluckily a porter dropped it, disturbing the bees. The bees eventually settled on James' boiler and only flew off when James passed the Vicarage orchard. The Vicar later came to thank James for rescuing his bees, and nicknamed him "James the red-nosed engine". Laxey also has a Sunday School class that is shown in Percy's Promise at Tidmouth.


Railway Series

Television Series

He was going to appear in the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode Isobella Gets Steamed, but it was cancelled.

Magazine Stories

The Vicar of Wellsworth also appears in the magazine stories, A Colourful Christmas, and A Friend's Party.

Annual Stories

Voice Actors


  • According to the magazine story Trevor's Nest, the Vicar is a bird lover.
  • His appearance in the television series changed several times, he had really small eyes in Saved from Scrap, then he had much bigger eyes in Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party, then he had a face mask similar to Jem Cole's in Buzz, Buzz.


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