Thomas' Christmas Carol is a UK/US DVD containing four episodes from the nineteenth season. The UK DVD features three additional episodes from the twentieth season.


It's a winter wonderland in Sodor! Diesel gets a visit from some 'ghostly' Christmas engines, while Kevin enjoys playing in the snow until he's snowed under.

Thomas and Cranky drop an important Christmas crate, and Henry faces off against an abominable snowman.

Dash through the snow with Thomas and his friends as they deliver a jolly good time!


  1. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Part 1 & Part 2 combined)
  2. Snow Place Like Home
  3. A Cranky Christmas
  4. The Beast of Sodor
  5. Letters to Santa*
  6. The Railcar and the Coaches*
  7. Love Me Tender*

*UK Release Only

Bonus Features


  • Although the episodes are from Season 19, the Season 13-18 intro, Engine Roll Call and end credits are used on the US DVD.
  • Although only showing four episodes (seven in the UK) on the DVD episode selection, this release technically features five episodes (eight in the UK) in total, due to the fact that Diesel's Ghostly Christmas is a double-length episode, made up of two separate episodes from the nineteenth season. The episodes were combined exclusively for this DVD.



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