Aside from Annie and Clarabel, Thomas also owned some other coaches.

Thomas' Special CoachEdit

"Where's my coach?"
"Cooch? What cooch?"
"My special coach, that Gordon brings for me, it's gone. I must find it!
— Thomas and Douglas, The Twin Engines


Thomas' Special Coach

After arriving at Tidmouth with the express, Gordon shunts a coach from the train into a siding for passengers wanting to travel to destinations on Thomas' Branch Line. Thomas, Annie and Clarabel then come from Knapford Junction to collect it.

One time, Douglas accidentally forgot to shunt this coach for Thomas. Instead he shunted the coach, full of passengers, into the carriage siding causing a heap of confusion and delay for the passengers.


Thomas' Special Coach is based on a British Railway Mark 1 Coach.


In the Railway Series, the coach is painted burgundy red with cream coloured windows. In the television series, it would have been painted in the Express Coaches green and custard livery.


It has only appeared in one Railway Series volume The Twin Engines, and was going to make an appearance in the cancelled second season episode, The Missing Coach.


Thomas' Green CoachesEdit


Thomas' Green Coaches
  • Class: LB&SCR Stroudley coaches
  • Designer: William Stroudley
  • Builder: Brighton Works

Whenever Thomas travels around the world, he'll often take a pair of green coaches with him, which he uses for collecting passengers instead of Annie and Clarabel. Thomas had them decorated with ribbons for a wedding in Greece.


The coaches are based on LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheel coaches. Annie and Clarabel are also members of this class.





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