This article is about 'the 2011 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the 2012 magazine story or the DVD'.
"You're welcome, Mr. Giraffe. Enjoy your new home!"
— Thomas

Thomas' Tall Friend is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Thomas was very excited; a new Animal Park was opening on Sodor. Edward is taking apples and Percy is taking leaves to the animals, but Thomas had the most special job of all; he was to take a giraffe to the new park. On his journey, he comes across a tall bridge, which he can't get under with the giraffe standing up. Thomas decided that he should make the giraffe sleepy so that it will lay down. So Thomas lets the giraffe eat Percy's leaves and Edward's apples and it soon falls asleep. When they arrive at the Park, Thomas wakes up the giraffe and it wanders onto the platform. Then the giraffe rubs Thomas' face and the blue engine is very happy.