Thomas' Trainyard Adventures is a US VHS sampler featuring one first season episode and one third season episode narrated by George Carlin.



Take a ride on everyone's number 1 engine, Thomas, as he takes you on an exciting tour of the Island of Sodor.  Meet Thomas' good friends Percy, James, Gordon, Bertie and his faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel.  On this fun-filled journey, you'll discover that even after a small disaster, you can still trust Thomas.  And don't forget to cheer on Thomas and Bertie as they race to see whether roads or rails are the fastest way to travel on the Island.  So hop on board for miles of smiles with all your new railway friends.


  1. Trust Thomas
  2. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race


  • The video is the first HiT distributed release to feature The Rev. W. Awdry's Letter from Thomas the Tank Engine, which is shown as a page directly from the original book before wiping away with a "Storybook" transition to black before the opening credits.