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"Engines don't go fishing!"
— James

Thomas Goes Fishing is the twelfth episode of the first season.


Thomas enjoys seeing people fishing and wants to go fishing. However, he is annoyed when the other engines disagree with him. One day, the water tower is out of order and Thomas has to take in water from the river. His crew use a bucket to pull water from the river and fill his tanks. The bucket was old, and had five holes. Later, Thomas develops a pain in his boiler because of a blocked feed pipe. Because the feed pipe is blocked, Thomas is endanger of bursting. Soon Thomas is stopped in a siding at the last station, as the guard summons an inspector and the Fat Controller. They look inside Thomas' tank and discover a fish swimming inside. Thomas' crew fish them out with instruction from the Fat Controller and have a lunch of fish and chips. At last, Thomas finally agrees that "Engines don't go fishing!" because its too uncomfortable.



  • One of the passengers resembles Sir Alec Guinness.
  • This is the the first episode to have the same title in the US and UK.
  • Stock footage from Thomas and the Trucks and Thomas and the Guard is used.
  • This episode is based on The Railway Series book, Thomas Goes Fishing, Tank Engine Thomas Again.
  • There are differences between the US and UK narrations. Some differences are:
    • In George Carlin's narration, listen carefully after the Fat Controller says "Mmmm . . . " Ringo Starr can be faintly heard saying "Mmmm . . . " in the background.


  • Thomas is wearing Percy's tired face in some shots.
  • In one scene, Annie and Clarabel are facing the wrong way.
  • Thick pencil marks are visible on the "DANGER KEEP AWAY" signs.
  • When the men are first seen with the "DANGER" signs, the red lining around Thomas' number is torn.
  • The river water is brown when it is lifted in the bucket, but when it is poured into Thomas' tank it is clear.
  • The inspector's small scale model is has blonde hair while the large scale model has brown hair.
  • Studio equipment can be seen when Thomas says, "Bother! I'm thirsty!" and when the Inspector looks inside Thomas' tank.
  • Thomas' driver was said to have hung the boards on Thomas' front and back, but they are propped a few metres in front of and beside him.
  • When the Inspector clambers up to check Thomas' tanks, Thomas abruptly stops hissing steam. But when the Inspector comes down, he is hissing steam again and once the Fat Controller climbs up, the steam vanishes. Then again, when the Fat Controller asks Thomas' driver how the fish got there, the steam reappears! And throughout all of this, the hissing sound continues even when Thomas is not letting off steam.


  • "There's too much steam!" said his driver.
  • "Oh dear!" groaned Thomas. "I'm going to burst! I'm going to burst!"
  • They damped down his fire and struggled on.
  • "I've got such a pain! I've got such a pain!" Thomas hissed.

- Thomas realises that he's going to burst.

  • "Inspector, can you see... fish?! Gracious, goodness me! How did the fish get there, Driver?!"
  • "We must've fished them from the river with our bucket." replied Thomas' driver.
  • "Well, Thomas, so you and your Driver have been fishing. But fish don't suit you. We must get them out!"

- The crew find out what is causing the blockage, much to Thomas' surprise.


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