""Wake up Gordon, do some hard work for a change""
— Thomas

Thomas and Gordon is a magazine story.


Thomas is a pilot engine at the big station. He shunts coaches for the big engines on the mainline and when they return, he pulls the empty ones away so that the big engines can go and rest. He loves to play tricks on the other engines, especially Gordon. He usually whistles rudely at him while he was resting. But one day after hauling the express, Thomas ran past and shouted rudely at him. Gordon thought how he could get back at the little blue engine. One morning Thomas would not wake up. It was nearly time for the express and as Thomas shunted them into the station and before he was uncoupled from the coaches, Gordon started off quickly with Thomas still coupled to the train. Gordon went faster and faster that it made poor Thomas tired and his wheels hurt. At last they stopped at a station. Thomas was finally uncoupled and was put onto the turntable and then to a siding out of the way. After Gordon laughed at him Thomas went to the water tower and had a long, cool drink. After that he vowed never to be cheeky to Gordon again.




  • Knapford was drawn differently in two different illustrations.
  • Gordon and his tender were drawn out of proportion in two illustrations.
  • Thomas' whistle was shaped in a different style numerous times.
  • Annie and Clarabel can be seen in the first illustration, but they are not Thomas' coaches yet.


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