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"Sharing your work makes things much easier, but sharing the fun is the best fun of all!"
— Thomas after sharing his load

Thomas and the Circus is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season.


Thomas is told to take the circus train and to share the load with another engine because of its weight, but Thomas is so excited to be pulling the train that he wants the glory all to himself, and turns down offers of help from Salty, Percy and James. This turns out to be a bad decision when Thomas' siderods break from the strain. Luckily, Percy and James come to help and the three deliver the circus to the grounds on time.




  • Stock footage from Percy's Big Mistake is used.
  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season.
  • This episode marks Caroline's first appearance since the fifth season.
  • A faceless Toad is used as the brakevan.


  • A wire is visible underneath Thomas when he is repaired and puffs away.
  • The sound of Thomas' traction rods breaking happens long before they do on screen.
  • When James is pushing the brakevan he is pushing it slightly up off the rails.
  • Bridget and Stephen Hatt are seen as two of the children on the bridge waving to Thomas, but they were just seen at Maron station in the previous scene.
  • In the overhead shot of Thomas passing through Maron, the line ahead is leading to bushes.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Thomas og sirkuset Thomas and the Circus
Japanese トーマスとサーカス Thomas and the Circus
German Geteilter Spaß ist doppelter Spaß Shared Fun Is Double the Fun
Danish Cirkus Circus
Finnish Tuomas ja sirkus Thomas and the Circus
Hungarian Thomas és a cirkusz Thomas and the Circus
Spanish Thomas y el Circo Thomas and the Circus
Dutch Thomas en het circus Thomas and the Circus
Russian Томас и цирк Thomas and the Circus
Italian Thomas e il Circo Thomas and the Circus
Gaelic Tomas Agus an Siorcas Thomas and the Circus
Portuguese Thomas e o Circo Thomas and the Circus
Polish Tomek i Cyrk Thomas and the Circus
Romanian Thomas și Circul Thomas and the Circus
Czech Tomáš a cirkus Thomas and the Circus
Croatian Tomica i cirkus Thomas and the Circus
Slovak Thomas a cirkus Thomas and the Circus
Chinese 托马斯和马戏团 Thomas and the Circus
Korean 토마스와 서커스단 Thomas and the Circus
Swedish Thomas och cirkusen Thomas and the Circus
Thai โธมัสกับคณะละครสัตว์ Thomas and the Circus

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