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"But you pulled the team's carriages last year!"
"And I'm pulling them again this year!
— Thomas and James

Thomas and the Colours, retitled Thomas and the Colors in American releases, is the twenty-second episode of the tenth season.


Thomas tries to finish his jobs quickly so that he can take the Sodor football team to a match against the Mainland, but is upset when he finds James being decorated in the team flags. Thomas tries to use James' vanity against him so that he can pull the team, but James does not pay attention and Thomas runs out of ideas. Then, he has a brainwave - have James diverted. Unfortunately, the siding James runs onto is overgrown and the flags are ruined. Thomas goes for help, but is stopped when he sees Bertie broken down, beside the line. Thomas, thinking fast, collects Annie and Clarabel to take Bertie's passengers and then the football team and takes them to James, so he can have James decorated with the team's scarves. The team gets to the match on time and James agrees to let Thomas pull the team the next year - but only if he gets to the yard first.




  • The opening scene closely resembles the opening scene from the episode Fish.


  • In some scenes, Thomas' face is crooked.
  • When Thomas arrives at the signal box, his steam platform is visible.
  • When the kids decorate James, their hats disappear. Though the fact that they just decorated James with their scarfs and flags, no hat is visible on him when he was re-dressed.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Thomas og Fodboldkampen Thomas and the Football Match
Norwegian Thomas og Fotballaget Thomas and the Football Team
Swedish Med Känsla för Färger With Feeling for Colours
Czech Tomáš a Vlajky Thomas and the Flags
Polish Tomek i Barwy Klubowe Thomas and the Club Colours
Slovak Thomas a Farby Thomas and the Colours
Finnish Tuomaksen Värikäs Päivä Thomas' Colorful Day
French Thomas et Les Couleurs Thomas and the Colors
Spanish Thomas y Los Colores / Thomas y Los Colores de su Equipo (Hispanoamérica y España) Thomas and the Colours / Thomas and the Colours of His Team (Two New Versions)
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e as Cores Thomas and the Colours
Dutch Thomas en de Sodor Team Thomas and the Sodor Team
German Thomas und die Fußballmannschaft Thomas and the Football Team
Hungarian A Futballcsapat The Football Team
Italian Thomas e i Colori Thomas and the Colours
Japanese すてきなかざり Nice Decoration
Russian Томас и цвета команды Thomas and the Team Colours
Chinese 托马斯与旗帜 Thomas and the Banners
Thai โธมัสอยากขนนักกีฬา Thomas Wants to Transport Athletes
Romanian Thomas și Culorile Thomas and the Colours

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