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"Jet planes don't have to stop for cows!"
— Thomas

Thomas and the Jet Plane is the third episode of the tenth season.


Thomas must collect a group of children from the airport and take them to a picnic. When Thomas arrives he meets a jet plane named Jeremy who comes across as being so boastful that Thomas decides not to talk to him in future. However, soon after Jeremy takes off, he discovers a storm is brewing, and returns to warn Thomas. Thomas picks up the children and takes them to Jeremy's hangar and asks if it is okay for them to have the picnic there. Jeremy agrees and he and Thomas soon become good friends.




  • Stock footage from Thomas Saves the Day is used.
  • This episode marks Jeremy's only speaking role.
  • The scene where Thomas passes the windmill is used at the opening sequence of the New Series


  • During the storm, it is obvious that Annie and Clarabel's nameplates are stickers.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Thomas y el Avión / Thomas y el Avión a Reacción Thomas and the Plane / Thomas and the Jet Plane
Norwegian Thomas og jetflyet Thomas and the Jet Plane
Japanese トーマスとジェットき Thomas and the Jet Plane
Dutch Thomas en het Straalvliegtuig Thomas and the Jet Plane
Danish Thomas og Flyvemaskinen Thomas and the Airplane
Italian Thomas e l'Aeroplano Thomas and the Aeroplane
Russian Томас и реактивный самолет Thomas and the Jet
Portuguese Thomas e o Avião Thomas and the Airplane
Finnish Tuomas ja Lentokone Thomas and the Aircraft
Chinese 托马斯和喷射机 Thomas and Jets
Korean 토마스와 제레미 Thomas and Jeremy
Hungarian A Repülőgép The Airplane
Romanian Thomas și Avionul cu Reacție Thomas and the Jet
Polish Tomek i Odrzutowiec Thomas and the Jet
Czech Tomáš a tryskáč Thomas and the Jet
German Thomas und das Düsenflugzeug Thomas and the Jet Plane
Slovak Thomas a tryskáč Thomas and the Jet
Thai โธมัสและเครื่องบินเจ็ต Thomas and Jets
Swedish Thomas och jetplanet Thomas and the Jet Plane

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