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"Now you have the smartest shed on Sodor, Toby. It's much better than your old roof and it hasn't got any holes!"
"But I liked my old roof with holes. Little birds flew in the holes to make their nests. My shed was their home too.
— Thomas and Toby

Toby's New Shed is the twelfth episode of the tenth season.


One blustery morning, Thomas takes some trucks to Arlesdale End when he sees Toby coming out of his shed. Thomas is surprised to see that he was all wet. Once Toby leaves, Thomas looks inside his shed and sees the roof of the shed is leaking. So Thomas goes to see the Fat Controller and he decides to have the roof repaired. When the roof is repaired, Toby doesn't seem happy. Thomas soon finds out why: Toby liked listening to the birds that roosted in the old shed's roof. Thomas knows how to solve the problem and a birdhouse is built from the old wood.




  • When Thomas talks to Toby, his face is loose.
  • The birdhouse Percy takes to Farmer McColl's is out of scale.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Tobys nye tak Toby's New Roof
Japanese トビーとあたらしいやね Toby and the New Roof
Swedish Toby får nytt tak Toby Gets a New Roof
Danish Toby får nyt tag Toby Gets a New Roof
Italian La Nuova Rimessa di Toby Toby's New Shed
Finnish Topin Uusi Talli Toby's New Shed
Portuguese O galpão novo de Toby Toby's New Shed
Chinese 托比的新机房 Toby's New Room
Korean 토비의 새차고 Toby's Garage
Hungarian Az Új Tető The New Roof
Russian Новый ангар Тоби Toby's New Hangar
Romanian Noul Depou al lui Toby Toby's New Depot
Polish Nowy domek Tobika Toby's New Home
Czech Tobyho nové depo Toby's New Depot
German Tobys neuer schuppen Toby's New Scale
Slovak Tobyho nové depo Toby's New Depot
Thai โรงเก็บรถใหม่ของโทบี้ Toby's New Hanger

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