This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.
"Don’t put me in the museum!"
— Toby

Toby Feels Left Out is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Sir Topham Hatt announces that lots of important people are coming to the Island of Sodor for the opening of a museum, and all of the engines are excited. Later when Thomas meets Toby, he asks his friend if he has heard about the museum. Toby has not heard the news, and fears that he will be put in the museum because he is old. Toby is also afraid of what Sir Topham Hatt might say, as Thomas tells him to ask the controller himself.

Toby decides that he will be useful, so that Sir Topham Hatt will not put him in the museum. He offers to help the other engines with their jobs, as they are getting repainted. When Toby sees Sir Topham Hatt, he runs away before he had a chance to speak.

As Toby finishes all the jobs, he is tired and dirty when he sees Sir Topham Hatt by the tracks. But he does not run away this time, and tells Sir Topham Hatt not to put him in the museum. Sir Topham Hatt reconciles Toby that he is too useful to be put in the museum, and assigns him, as Sodor’s only steam tram, to take the important guests to the museum for the opening ceremony. This makes Toby feel proud to be a really useful steam tram.