Tom Tipper

Tom Tipper is the postman that services Ffarquhar (Callan in the television series).


Tom fell ill and when he returned found his chief had decided a bike was more economical than a postvan. One morning, Tom was asked to fill in some forms. Tom, in a hurry, propped his bike against the platform fencing and asked Percy to keep his eye on it. When Percy wasn't looking, a boy climbed on the bike, rode down the platform and landed the bike under Percy's wheels, managing to get out of the way just in time (in the television episode Tom carelessly propped the bike against Percy's train and it fell onto the tracks when he started). Tom was disappointed, but his Chief decided to give him a new postvan, to his delight.


Voice Actors


  • George Carlin gives Tom Tipper an Irish accent in the US narration.
  • Tom Tipper was the last character from Railway Series to be introduced in the television series for a period of nearly 20 years before Sir Robert Norramby was introduced.



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