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"I shall never be shy about my special horn again!"
— Rusty

Tuneful Toots is the ninth (eleventh in Australia) episode of the ninth season.


Whenever Rusty journeys near the lake, he likes to toot his horn their as it echos and has high and low notes, like a tuneful toots, but the other Engines thinks it's the worst noise they've ever heard, making Rusty sad.

One Morning, Mr Percival announced that Sir Topham and Lady Hatt are visiting the Skarloey Railway, and the brass band have been invited to play. Skarloey and Rheneas delivered tables and chairs and Duncan and Peter Sam delivered apples and pears. Rusty was to take the band on a tour of the Skarloey Railway. Thomas arrives with the bandstand and hears Rusty's horn thinking it was very special. After Rusty left, Mr Percival tells him not to return late, but Rusty was tooting his horn that he didn't hear him. Rusty soon forgets all about returning on time to the concert. Rusty decides to take them to the lake, but when he got there, he runs out of fuel on the causeway.

Thomas arrives with Sir Topham and Lady Hatt, but sees that Mr Percival was worried that Rusty didn't return and everyone was worried. The band was worried that no one will find them, but Rusty had an idea for the band to play their instruments loudly while he toots his horn, that way someone will know where to find them. They started to play, everyone heard Rusty and the brass band, and came to the rescue. Rusty was surprised that no one was telling him to stop tooting his horn. The engines think that Rusty's sound is a special sounding horn of all. The concert began with all the engines blowing their whistles and Rusty tooting his horn.




  • Going by production order, this is the tenth episode of the ninth season.


  • In some early American narrations, Rusty is referred to as a female. The Radio Times also refers to Rusty as a female in the episode description.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Rusty Különleges Dudája Rusty's Special Tune
Italian Una Tromba Melodiosa A Tuneful Horn
Danish Koncerten The Concert
Spanish Silbidos Melódicos / Silbatos Armoniosos Melodic Whistles / Harmonious Whistles
Norwegian Det musikalske toget The Musical Train
Japanese うつくしいねいろのけいてき Horn of Beautiful Tone
Polish Melodyjna Syrena Melodic Siren
German Das große Tuten The Big Toot
Gaelic Dudaichean Ceolmhor Musical Horn
Russian Мелодичные гудки Melodius Whistles
Portuguese Apitos Melódicos Melodic Whistles
Romanian Sirena lui Rusty Rusty's Siren
Czech Pískání do rytmu Whistling to the Rhythm
Slovak Pískanie do rytmu Whistling to the Rhythm
Chinese 悦耳的嘟嘟声 Sweet Beep
Korean 러스티의 경적 Rusty's Horn
Swedish Klangfulla toner A Catchy Tune
Thai เสียงหวูดปู้น ปู้น Whistle Choo Choo

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