• Number: 3
  • Gender: Male
  • Builder: Winterthur
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1900
  • Configuration: 0-4-2

Wilfred is the third engine on the Culdee Fell Railway. His primary function is passenger service. He has his own mountain coach.


In 1895, Wilfred was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland. In 1900, he arrived on Sodor with four other engines for the opening of the Culdee Fell Railway. Each engine received their own coach for passenger services.

Although maintenance went well, Culdee and Shane Dooiney needed heavy overhauls years later. So three new engines were later purchased to take over there work while they were away. Wilfred and Ernest got on well with Alaric and Eric and taught them about safety and danger, but Lord Harry refused to listen to advice and proved to be a terror!

When Culdee returned from the works in Switzerland, Ernest and Wilfred informed him about the changes that happened to the railway in his absence. Later, he and his coach were later delayed at Summit after Lord Harry derailed at the points; Culdee and Wilfred teased him for being a "wreck". Despite this he lectured Lord Harry about the importance of good work and warned him to be cautious on Devil's Back during a gale.

Wilfred is now one of the longest running engines on the Culdee Fell Railway. He is good friends with Ernest and Culdee. He is also known to be a musical engine by the other mountain engines because he likes to whistle as he ascends and descends the steep hills.


Wilfred is a kind old mountain engine. A hard worker, he is very cautious and gets upset at the carelessness of the other engines. He loves to whistle as he goes up and down the steep hills.

Behind the Scenes

The Railway Series book Mountain Engines wasn't adapted into a television episode. According to Robert Gauld-Galliers in an interview with SiF, the Culdee Fell Engines were not very merchandisable because of its climbing rack track and strange angled body and also because of their limited on storylines.[1]

Despite this, the name Culdee was been mentioned several times in the television series. The Culdee Fell Railway was later mentioned in a video about the differences between narrow gauge and standard gauge on the official website. According to the video, Mr. Percival is in charge of the railway. Since Mr. Percival is a television character, there are some hopes of them being introduced on screen.[2]


Wilfred is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's Wyddfa.


In the Railway Series, Wilfred is painted purple with orange lining.

In a magazines, Wilfred was painted yellow with red lining.


  • Wilfred can't slip however steep the line is, because he has pinion wheels on his driving axles which fit into the rack rails.
  • Like most of the other mountain engines, Wilfred is equipped with a face at each end so he can get a good look-out when pushing his coach up the mountains.


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